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1: From the date of purchase, and enjoy one year free warranty, replacement within one month, seven days or return of the "Three Guarantees" service in accordance with the instructions and precautions system operation under normal use, when requesting repair, please. produce a warranty card and proof of purchase is not presented in evidence under the warranty card and purchase shall not free warranty, such as customer self-disassemble, will not enjoy free maintenance. 

2: The way to repair warranty service, returned products purchased by you in charge of sales agents, such as customer self-disassemble, dealers are not entitled to free warranty. 

3: After the warranty period, the following conditions occur, do not enjoy free maintenance service: 
A. failure to use manual operation, resulting in poor and damage; to repair damage caused by faults and. 
B. because of non-resistance, abnormal combustion, such as failure and damage caused by an irregular situation. 
C. Warranty does not produce the warranty card or purchase card records the contents of incomplete, unclear, no sales shop seal. 
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